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Frequently Asked Questions
Our program makes us different – it’s way more than a car. We provide our customers with the combination of quality vehicles, affordable financing, and expert servicing after the sale.Our locations offer customers a broad variety of vehicles to choose from, with over one-hundred vehicles available.Down payments may vary based on both the individual approval and the vehicle you choose. Our typical down payment required is only 500$ as long as you qualify for our 500$ down program.Each vehicle at Credit Pro Autos is clearly marked with a dot on the windshield. This allows you to more easily identify the down payment requirements for the vehicle. We have six different color categories of vehicles beginning with orange dots: our lowest down payment vehicles, and the easiest to qualify for. Next, white dots: slightly higher down payments. It continues in order with blue, red, green, and yellow dots. The green and yellow dots are our highest down payment requirements and are usually SUV and late-model, lower mileage vehicles. Price & Payment ChartMost all of Credit Pro Autos retail installment contracts are assigned to our affiliated finance company, Prime Auto Finance, whi [...]
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